Olympic Channel

Social Media Content, E-Mail Marketing
2016 → 2017

Olympic Channel is an online television platform that features olympic athletes, competitions and related stories, as well as original content, aiming to maintain people's interest in olympic sports between iterations of the Games.

As a part of a multi-national team from VMLY&R, I helped design and produce a variety of assets to promote the service, which was launched at the closing ceremony of Rio 2016.

Screenshots of a Facebook Canvas for the Olympic Channel

Selection of screens designed for a Facebook Canvas, promoting the Olympic Channel's original series.

Facebook ads promoting live events

Facebook ads promoting live events of different disciplines, happening all over the world.

Olympic Channel ads created for a Like Campaign on Facebook

Ads created for a Like Campaign on Facebook, highlighting the value of the platform.

Olympic Channel newsletter concepts

E-mail newsletter concepts, showcasing the different types of content available on the Olympic Channel.