La Canasta

Website Concept · UX/UI Design
Course Project at Coderhouse

La Canasta (The Basket, in english) is an online farmers' market specialized in organic foods, supporting local producers from the Bogotá savanna. They promote ecological balance and the preservation of the environment through their farming methods. I redesigned their website as my project for the Advanced UX/UI Design course I took at Coderhouse.

The navigation and information architecture were adjusted, in order to streamline the overall experience. A refreshed visual style (including a new logo) was also proposed, giving a cleaner look to the platform.

New logotype for La Canasta

New logotype for La Canasta, using the patterns found in baskets as a visual element, and also featuring a bolder, more impactful typography, compared to the current design.

The main objective of the project was to give more visibility to La Canasta’s key information and features, presenting them clearly within the main flow of the site.

Proposed homepage for La Canasta

Proposed homepage for La Canasta. The main information about the iniciative was rearranged and condensed to fit the page without having to scroll.

The market’s catalogue was also reestructured, making it easier for users to browse through the different categories and select the products they’re looking for.

La Canasta's store section

A fixed sidebar was added to the store section of the site, containing all of the product categories, which were condensed into fewer options, to make navigation more efficient. A banner was also included, to highlight and promote La Canasta’s subscription service.

La Canasta's product page

This is how a product page would look like, in case users want to know additional details about the food they’re going to buy.

La Canasta also gives its clients the option to add funds to their accounts, to be used as a payment method. However, they’re not able to see their balance anywhere on actual the site. This was added to both the account and checkout sections.

La Canasta's account and checkout sections

Redesigned account and checkout sections of La Canasta. Users are able to see their balance (and add funds to their accounts) in both instances.