Destino Amazonas

Landing Page Concept · UI Design
Personal Project

The Amazon jungle is one of the largest and most biodiverse tropical rainforests in the world. This landing page concept aims to promote it as a destination filled with adventures, waiting to be discovered and explored in different ways.

Though it was originally designed in 2016, I revisited a few years later and tweaked it to make it more interesting.

Wordmark for the landing page

Wordmark designed for the landing page, featuring Haze – an striking brush typography to grab users’ attention.

Back in 2016, I was on the hunt for a new job. One of the places that I applied to requested me to design this landing page as a test (spoiler: I wasn’t hired).

Even though it was a fairly simple design, I always liked it. In 2019, when my interest in UI design was returning, I decided to give it another go, just to see what I could come up with.

Original design of the landing page Reworked design of the landing page

Top image: original version of the landing page. Bottom image: reworked design.

I knew I was going to use a similar structure, but I wanted the new version of the page to be more eye-catching. I made some color and typography changes, and made a more conscious use of photography. During that process, I decided to include a bit of additional content, to provide a more complete experience.

Added sections with additional information

Aside from the visual redesign, a few sections were added to the page, highlighting the different activities people can do while exploring the Amazonia.

I also wanted to see how the new design would look like on a mobile device, so I adapted it to fit that format as well.

Destino Amazonas' mobile version

Mobile version of the redesigned page.